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Pastor OlsenRev. Rachel M. Zarnke

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September 2016

News from Pastor Rachel Zarnke

Ramping up for Rally Day
September 18th, 2016

This past week I've been extra busy pulling together plans for Rally Day here at Trinity. With all the details to remember, the volunteers to coordinate, and the invitations to extend I've been up to my ears in checklists and constantly checking my e-mail. Lucky for me, everyone has been extremely generous in offering to help me out. In fact, most conversations have gone like this:

"Hey, I need some backup with Rally Day this year, any chance you can help out?"
"Sure, I'd love to! Thanks for asking! But...One question- what's Rally Day?"

Rally Day is an important day in the church calendar that I hope to bring to life here at Trinity. It marks the beginning of the church programming year*- the day when everyone returns from summer vacation and we officially open our Sunday School, Adult Bible Study, our new Women's Group, Choir and install our new Principal. It is the time to "Rally" our members and ramp up for the months ahead.

The tradition of Rally Day was started just before 1900 in America- the East Coast to be precise! Particularly meaningful in farming communities- where many members could not attend worship every Sunday in the summer due to the extreme workload on the farm- it is a time after the harvest to rejoin one another and reconnect. Rally Days were often held outside under tents with music bands playing and tables and tables of food to enjoy.

This popular event held a special place in the hearts of many. It was a time to celebrate the individual worshiping community, their history together, and their excitement about the upcoming year. Our Rally Day boasts a lot to look forward to as well. We will worship as usual at 9:00, followed by a Pancake Breakfast, with face painting and crafts for the kids and an adult Bible study lead by Pastor Olsen. There will be information on the upcoming events and groups with an opportunity to ask questions and get involved.

See you there!

Trinity Lutheran Church
Sunday, September 18th, 2016
9:00 Worship
10:00 Pancake Breakfast
10:30 Adult Bible Study
10:30 Sunday School

- With Face Painting!

*Nota Bene: The beginning of the programming year is not the same as the beginning of the church year. When does the church year begin? If you think you know, bring your guess to Rally Day to claim a prize!